Installation of Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner

Features of Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Entire stainless steel structure: acid proof and bears the alkali,artistically and durable.
  • Adopt fission style structure: high frequency connection with jack on is used between ultrasonic immersible transducer and the ultrasonic generator, useful and maintains conveniently.
  • There are many ways to install the ultrasonic immersible transducer: set on the bottom, surface, the side or the topof cleaning tank according to needs.

Application of Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner

Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used for all cleaning applications,both aqueous and semi-aqueous. Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers are designed to provide powerful, effective ultrasonic cleaning for the toughest industrial cleaning applications.

  • Pre-plating cleaning for parts to be plated, oil and dirt removing for metal mechanical. Parts, cleaning semi-conductor Si-chips, spectacle frames and glass vessels.
  • Lens, sunglasses, short-sighted mirror and prism, the microscope, camera, glass equipment, etc.

Specifiaction of Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner

Style Frequency(kHz) Dimension(mm) Power(Watts)
BJI-300 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 300×190×100 300
BJI-600 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 360×275×100 600
BJI-900 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 360 x 360 x 80 900
BJI-1000 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 450×350×100 1000
BJI-1200 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 450 x 450 x 80 1200
BJI-1500 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 520×450×100 1500
BJI-1800 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 900×350×100 1800
BJI-2000 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 650×450×100 2000
BJI-2400 20/25/28/40/68/80/120/135/200 1000×420×100 2400

Submersible Ultrasonic Transducers Videos