Unlike small items that can be positioned in any way inside an ultrasonic cleaner, large items have to be positioned in a certain way to be sure that proper cleaning will be done. Large items should be positioned diagonally in the cleaner’s tank to be sure that the flow of the ultrasonic cleaning solution is not hindered by the items.

Proper positioning of large items should be strictly followed when the radiating surface inside the ultrasonic cleaner is only one. That is because if the single radiating surface is blocked by the item, the ultrasonic waves will not reach the item’s other side. This means many contaminants will not be removed.

If placing the item in a slanting position cannot be done, be sure that there is a distance of not less than 10cm between the item and the radiating surface. This is to ensure that the reflected ultrasonic energy will not be too much. Less reflection means more powerful ultrasonic energy and less damage to the radiating surface.
In cleaning an item that is not possible to position diagonally or place at an appropriate distance from the radiating surface, an ultrasonic cleaner with more than one radiating surface should be used. If the item will be cleaned with a cleaner with only one radiating surface, the cleaning process will be useless.