Coin collecting is an old traditional hobby enjoyable for many. Coin collectors can easily tell the most minor details about the coins such as the differences in the outlook of the money and how it has altered its appearance over the course of time. If you consider yourself to be a serious coin collector, ultrasonic coin cleaner can help you a lot. Investing in Ultrasonic coin cleaner won’t be a bad idea at all as it can help you eradicate the gunk and grime from the coin. Easier said than done? Let’s take a look at how this ultrasonic cleaner works.

How the Ultrasonic Cleaner Works

Although the normal ultrasonic cleaners are not exclusively for coin cleaning purposes but that does not mean that you can’t use it to facilitate your hobby of coin collecting and preserving. The ultrasonic cleaner usually consists of a smaller case with lid and you can place specified cleaning liquids into the cleaning box by opening the lid. You need to use metal cleaner here because you plan to clean your coins. Ultrasonic cleaner uses a series of sound waves once it is activated to vibrate the objects inside the cleaner. This removes the dirt from the objects placed and you need to realize that human ear cannot hear these sound waves because they are used at such pitch.

The Cleaning Solution

You can always take a careful look on the back label of the cleaning solutions that is provided to you with the ultrasonic cleaner. This label usually contains a list of items that you can clean with the solution. Make sure to check whether coins and jewelry are listed and you can count on it even if one of coins or jewelry is mentioned. And in case neither one is listed, you cannot use that liquid and you need to get another one.

How to Clean the Coins

Add the suitable cleaning solution into the ultrasonic cleaner. After doing that, put the coins you want to clean into the device. If they are touching each other there is no need to worry because the vibration cause by ultrasonic cleaner will rearrange them anyway. Turn ultrasonic cleaner on and let it run for few minutes. Now take out the coins after turning off the device and check whether the dirt has been removed or not. If there is still some gunk left, they should be cleaned right away.

Avoid Over Cleaning

Make sure you do not over clean the coins. Whenever you are using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean coins, you cannot afford to over clean them or even scrub them harshly. Over cleaning decreases the value of coins so you need to avoid it as much as possible. And a lot of collectors usually like some signs of aging left on the coins to make them memorable. There are other forms of cleaning methods as well but such methods should not be used unless there is no other way.